Get tough when it gets rough.
To reach the summit or accomplish your goal, sometimes you’ll need to channel your innerstrength to find that second wind. X-Mode gives the Forester that extra bit of capability you’ll need to surmount the challenging obstacles.
  • X-Mode and Hill Descent Control

    “X” marks added capability for any driver, on most any road. With a push of a button, X-Mode takes control of the engine, transmission, AWD, brakes, and other components to safely navigate through bad roads, and slippery surfaces for maximum confidence. For challenging descents, Hill Descent Control enhances confidence down the steepest of hills you’ll encounter by providing constant, controlled momentum so the driver can focus more on steering the vehicle, and less on braking.

  • Adventure from All Angles.

    The Forester was engineered to help you conquer ledges, rocks, trees and other obstacles you may encounter without sustaining damage or getting stuck. The larger the object, the larger the approach and departure angles needed to prevent damage to the front and rear bumper. Optimised for both, the Forester’s ground clearance maximises break-over angles, minimising your chances of being hung-up from underneath.