Connect to your life.

Nothing drives like a Subaru, because nothing else is built like one. Each Subaru model is engineered to put your mind at ease, while giving you the power to deeply engage with your life. That’s why most of our models are built with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive at their core. By using all four wheels to grip the road, and offering remarkable balanced and stability, Symmetrical AWD forges a tighter connection between you and the road. This enhanced control is combined with design that is focused on your safety. Inside the connection is just as invigorating as you discover design and technology that adapts to all your activities, while putting you at the centre of the driving experience. The connection a Subaru driver experiences with the vehicles expands their confidence, and reveals new experiences.

Designed to capture passion.

Unleash the power within to pursue what you want most. The all-new Legacy reconnects you with the thrill of driving with a sportier, more responsive ride and AWD capability to get you where you need to go with Symmetrical AWD. Its stylish looks are especially pleasing to the eye, while its all-new, refined interior offers upgraded technology and plush materials that are pleasing to the touch. This sporty sedan caters to all your comforts gives you free reign to indulge in true driving enjoyment.

In every corner - feel the connection.

There’s plenty of power in balance and symmetry. The almost perfect symmetrical layout Subaru created with their Symmetrical AWD and the SUBARU BOXER engine applies power delivery to all four wheels all the time and pairs it with exceptional traction for amazing stability and control in almost any condition. You’ll enjoy agility in adverse weather, immediate and exhilarating traction right at the moment of acceleration and increased stability in the corners for a unique feeling of control at all times.

Discover new ways to embrace the joy of driving.

More balanced and confident than most, the all-new Legacy owes its sporty, high performance to its SUBARU BOXER engine and the efficient Lineartronic Continuous Variable Transmission includes new shift controls for smooth, exciting acceleration to maximise your driving enjoyment and also makes class-leading fuel efficiency possible at every speed.

More refined. More immersive. More Legacy.

True to its form, the new Legacy is sportier than ever. Strong character lines along the side and a more aggressive front end tell you this new sedan was designed to deliver true driving enjoyment. With a stiffer chassis, retuned steering and suspension, as well as Active Torque Vectoring, the drive is also more responsive and more engaging than ever.

Advanced design that captivates and invigorates.

You'll feel it at the first rush, that first grin as you enjoy immediate response and impressive control in the corners. The Legacy is more sporty and aerodynamic in style, which also contributes to its impressive fuel consumption.

Engage all your senses on every journey.

The smart choice is also the enjoyable choice with the all-new Legacy. It offers excellent fuel economy at 7.7L/100km on 2.5-litre models., which saves you money, while also being especially fun to drive, which leaves you with a more pleasure on the road. Its interior is also very well appointed, so you feel pampered without sacrificing comfort. In short, in the Legacy life is its own reward.