Connect to your world.

Nothing drives like a Subaru, because nothing else is built like one. Each Subaru model is engineered to put your mind at ease, while giving you the power to deeply engage with your life. That’s why most of our models, including the all-new Outback, are built with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive at their core. By using all four wheels to grip the road, and offering remarkable balance and stability, Symmetrical AWD forges a tighter connection between you and road. It’s a connection that expands your confidence, and reveals new experiences.

Embrace every moment.

Never miss an adventure again. The all-new Outback inspires confidence and reduces limitations to take you wherever you’d like to go. Its new styling reinforces its tough and rugged personality, while its upgraded interior offers new refined materials and friendly technology to put you at ease. Rest assured the all-new Outback has capability mastered and considerable comfort well in hand.

Nothing to hold you back.

Very little stands in your way in the capable Outback. Symmetrical AWD ensures an outstanding grip in snow, rain or rough roads, and now thanks to X-MODE with Hill Descent Control it’s even better at handling steep inclines and harsher terrain.

Engage. Enjoy.

Make bold plans. The all-new Outback can get you almost any road you’d care to venture and thanks to the improved SUBARU BOXER engine with class-leading fuel consumption it can take you farther than ever. Rugged in appearance and performance, it also has the looks and durability to traverse a trail or make a new one.

Grab the wheel. Connect to the road.

Great care was taken to optimise the driver’s connection to the road. Symmetrical AWD with an improved chassis and steering makes the Outback more responsive and nimble, while still being as smooth and controlled as ever.

Space meets possibility.

Make big plans and keep them. There’s plenty of room to accommodate adventures of all sizes in the all-new Outback.

More ways to escape.

Getting away is its own reward, and the Outback is more than ready to help you enjoy it to its fullest.