Engineered to empower you.
Get out and enjoy life whenever you can, wherever you want. With a confident driving experience, technology that keeps you connected, and a striking appearance, the Impreza can inspire you to make the most of every day. On good days and bad days, the Impreza makes it all look easy whilst looking good. Backed up by extraordinary engineering you can count on, the Impreza is your escape from the ordinary. Life moves quickly. Make the most of it.

    INTERIOR 360°
    Drive smarter.
    With so much innovative technology, the Impreza is like your own personal spaceship, keeping you connected, entertained and on course at all times.
    Peace of mind is the ultimate luxury.
    To help you avoid accidents, and protect you when they can’t be avoided, the SUBARU Impreza is equipped with active and passive safety features. Subaru Active Safety helps you circumvent trouble with predictable handling, precise control, excellent visibility, and advanced technologies that help you avoid incidents before they happen. Passive Safety features include systematically placed airbags, whiplash-reducing front seats, retracting pedals and 3-point seatbelts—that are all there to help protect you if the unthinkable occurs.