Keeping the environment in mind

Enjoying the drive, while conserving the environment



SI-DRIVE to choose the best efficiency

  • SI-DRIVE is Subaru’s proprietary drive assist system that offers three different driving modes at the touch of a single switch. SI-DRIVE is one solution developed by Subaru to extract the vehicle’s underlying driving enjoyment while also being mindful of the environment. SI-DRIVE offers driving enjoyment, from Eco-driving to sporty performance.

ECO gauge

ECO gauge as an indicator of fuel efficient driving

  • An “ECO gauge” has been installed within the meters to serve as a guide for fuel efficient driving. The pointer on the ECO gauge helps to notify the driver whether they are driving in an eco-friendly manner. By assisting the driver in keeping the ECO gauge pointer in the “+” area, fuel efficiency can be improved by about 5% (in-house measurements).

Auto Stop Start

Auto Start Stop for reducing unnecessary fuel consumption and exhaust gas emissions by driving normally

  • Auto Stop Start is the system which powers down the engine automatically when you stop at the red light or stuck in a traffic jam and starts it up again when departing. We focus on direct response as Subaru’s system can start the engine up more quickly, not to mention that it reduces unnecessary fuel consumption and exhaust gas emissions in an ordinary drive.

Electric power steering

Eco-friendly electric power steering for better steering feel

  • Subaru has employed electric power steering in contrast to hydraulic systems. Electric systems are 2 to 5% more efficient compared to hydraulic systems.


Aerodynamic body

Achieving fuel efficiency with the whole body

  • By designing the shape of the body and bumper to reduce air resistance and adding a vehicle undercover and spoiler (not available for some models), superior aerodynamic performance has been achieved. The whole body contributes to the fuel efficiency.

Active Grill Shutter

Designed for more fuel efficiency

  • The active grill shutter has the function of improving aerodynamic performance. Much lower fuel consumption is achieved by opening and closing the shutter inside the front bumper automatically and reducing air resistance as well as heating and cooling the engine depending on the condition of the vehicle.