Subaru All-Around Safety

At Subaru, we believe that cars are more than just a means of getting to your destination. To us, cars bring dreams, freedom and fantastic moments to life. And with this comes an overriding responsibility: ensuring that the lives of not only the driver and passengers, but of everyone remain safe. That's why there can never be an end

Primary Safety

A feeling of union and peace of mind abound inside

  • SUBARUs come with seats developed to maintain a firm driving position, minimal blind spots and an interface designed with driving in mind. Drivers can take the wheel and feel safe and confident with the knowledge that SUBARU’s underlying proprietary Symmetrical AWD + BOXER platform is designed for peace of mind.

Active Safety

Fine-tuning base performance for better safety

  • SUBARU has fine-tuned all the basic functions of a car – driving, turning and stopping – to develop cars that offer exceptional stability and predictable control. SUBARUs designed with such a high level of basic functionality are also designed to avoid dangerous situations with an outstanding reputation for safety.

Pre-Collision Safety

Two cameras to identify objects and people, and avoid a collision or reduce damage

  • To achieve the ultimate goal of “eliminating accidents,” SUBARU has developed EyeSight, based on the belief that predicting imminent danger can reduce the level of damage during a collision. EyeSight uses two cameras to recognise objects or people using a method that is similar to the human eyes. EyeSight is a driving assist system that can help avoid danger by automatically applying the brakes, or reducing the extent of damage in the event that there is a collision.

Passive Safety

“Peace of mind” with an extremely safe body and functionality

  • The safety technology found in each and every SUBARU have been praised around the world for their exceptional safety for the driver, as well as passengers and pedestrians in the event that an accident occurs. To protect the cabin in the event of a collision or roll-over, the “New Ring-Shaped Reinforcement Frame Body” has been adopted as the basic concept, with three-point seatbelts for all seats and a comprehensive SRS airbag system for protection. The bumpers and bonnet also incorporate design concepts aimed at protecting pedestrians.