Assist safer drive with advanced technology.

We can say that eliminating an accident is the ultimate goal of any car manufacturer. Therefore, Subaru has developed the stereo camera


A second pair of eyes.

Colour Stereo Camera Recognition

Collision Avoidance

Pre-Collision Braking System

In case of the presence of collision risk, it warns a driver of danger. If there is not avoidance control, it applies a brake

Throttle Management *

If the driver mistakenly selects drive instead of reverse when the car is stopped or traveling very slowly

Reverse Automatic Braking

When driving in reverse, four sonar sensors on the rear bumper detect obstacles. When the vehicle detects a possible collision,

Driving Support

Adaptive Cruise Control *

EyeSight has transformed the concept of traditional cruise control. The stereo cameras operate in concert with the engine, transmission and braking systems to ensure that the car remains a set distance behind the car...

Sway Warnings

Driving fatigue can lead to a driver unintendedly swaying around their lane. When...

Start Alerts

EyeSight helps drivers keep up with the flow of traffic by emitting and a sound and a flashing light...

Vision Assist

Subaru realizes the blind spots minimization and clear night vision by advanced technologies.

Subaru Rear Vehicle Detection

The sensor installed in the rear of the car body detects vehicles approaching from behind. ...

High Beam Assist

A single-lens camera installed in the front windshield detects front illumination...

Steering Responsive Headlights

The left and right headlights illuminate the road ahead, with their respective optical axes being adjusted...


Never drive the car relying solely on the system explained above alone. The system has been designed assist the driver in making decisions on the road, and to reduce the chance of accidents or damage due to accidents and driver stress. It was not designed to prevent drivers from failing to focus on the road ahead by driving inattentively or carelessly, nor was it designed to provide driving assistance under poor weather or visibility conditions. It was also not designed to prevent collisions from occurring under any conditions. Drivers are responsible for driving safely and shall comply with all traffic rules and regulations regardless of the fact that the car is equipped with the system. Drivers shall ensure that they are driving safely, and maintain a safe distance between the car in front, pay attention to their surroundings and driving conditions, and apply the brake pedal when necessary or take other measures to maintain a safe driving distance. When a warning is activated, drivers should pay attention to what is in front of the car and the surroundings, operate the brake pedal and take other action as necessary. There are limits to the system recognition and control performance in addition to the outline provided here. Drivers must be sure to read the owner’s manual for each function before using the system, and always use it properly. Improper use may lead to failure of control performance, which could cause an accident. These videos are for illustration purposes only and may differ from actual specifications. If there are discrepancies between these outlines (including the videos) and the outline provided in the owner’s manual, the outline in the owner’s manuals shall prevail.