Aim of creating accident-free automobiles.

Subaru is the predecessor of aircraft manufacturer, pursuing the “accident-free automobiles” to avoid the error in operation and judgement. Inheriting the philosophy...

Basic design

A structure completely designed for safety

Symmetrical All Wheel Drive + SUBARU BOXER

Underlying layout designed for stability and safety

  • SUBARU’s AWD give its cars traction that can drive out of slippery roads such as on pool of water where two-wheel drive cars might get stuck, and is extremely stable on the road. The BOXER engine also has a low centre of gravity and short dimensions, and is mounted sideways for a symmetrical layout and ideal weight distribution. The basic concept of the Symmetrical AWD + BOXER platform helps to keep the tyres remain firmly planted on the ground for a high level of stability, and hence safety on almost any road.

Blind Spots Minimization

Visibility for a safe drive

Excellent Visibility

Clear visibility and an easy-to-drive chassis.

  • The most effective way of preventing an accident is if drivers can detect dangerous situations with their own eyes. SUBARU is committed to designs that minimise blind spots and provide excellent visibility from the driver’s seat. The width of each chassis pillar has been minimised where possible to increase the windshield area while ensuring the same level of safety, and the windshield wipers are stored out of line of sight to provide maximum visibility to the driver. The shape of the body has also been designed for free line of sight to give the driver a better idea of the car’s dimensions. Excellent visibility and no obstructions to line of sight means safer driving.

Automatic Headlamps

Turns the lights on automatically to prevent accidents before they happen

  • A light sensor turns on the headlamps automatically at dusk, which prevents the driver from forgetting to turn the lamps on when driving in the evening or in tunnels where accidents are common. In addition to ensuring a greater level of visibility, this also increases car’s visible presence to others. The safety of the driver and passengers, as well as other cars, pedestrians and road users are all incorporated in SUBARU’s concept of providing a safe driving environment. The HID headlamps are a similar colour temperature to sunlight and light up the road ahead so the driver can drive safely and confidence. The system shuts the headlamps off when the key is removed from the ignition.

Automatic Rain Sensing Windshield Wipers

Automatic wipers during poor weather conditions to help reduce driver stress

  • Automatic windshield wipers detect rainfall on the glass and adjust their wiping interval and speed accordingly. This proves invaluable when the driver needs to concentrate on steering and driving in rain, snow or on other slippery roads. The wipers themselves are designed with a shape that prevents them lifting up due to wind resistance when driving at high speeds. This not only increases the swept area during operation, but stay out of the way when not in use to ensure maximum visibility.

Driving Comfort

Better seat structure and optimum driving position with sophisticated adjustment mechanisms.

Comfortable Seats

Seats structure to prevent fatigue on long journeys

  • The seats support passenger bodies and also help to absorb shocks from the chassis. These seats differ to ordinary office or household seats as they are just soft enough to absorb shocks from the road, and just hard enough to help reduce driving fatigue on long journeys. To achieve this, SUBARU examined the ergonomics of the seats to ensure that they can cause less stress over long hours. The weight of passengers is distributed evenly over a wide area by the bottom surface of the seat. This structure holds passengers firmly in place as they are tossed about by the car movement. Every aspect of the seats has been designed to improve seating support without compromising comfort.

Tilt-adjustable Telescopic Steering Wheel

Minute steering position settings to suit the driver

  • To help set the optimum driving position, the adjustable steering wheel tilts up-down and telescopes in-out. With minute steering position settings to suit the driver, the ideal driving posture gives rise to safer driving.

Adjustable Driver’s Seat

Reducing fatigue on long drives with a relaxed posture

  • SUBARU has incorporated seat adjustment mechanisms so drivers of any stature can find their optimum driving position. An electronic seat lifter, tilt, slide and reclining functions allow the driver to set their most comfortable seat position. A relaxed driving position means less fatigue when driving for long hours, which in turn helps to increase safety.

Intuitive Interface

Subaru focuses on the useful interface to prevent the driver from distracting the attention to drive by using navigation or adjusting air conditioning. For example, navigation monitor and Multi-Information...


Functional interface layout designed for safe driving

  • Drivers often have a lapse in concentration when checking the navigation screen or adjusting the air-conditioning. To prevent this from happening, SUBARU has designed an interface layout that is easy to use. One example of this is the navigation screen placed at the top so that drivers do not need to shift their line of vision too far. The air-conditioning system uses large knobs and switches so that drivers can check their position intuitively without having to take their eyes off the road. Audio controls are clustered around the spokes on the steering wheel so that the driver can make adjustments without having to move their hands away from the wheel. All these design features make for a driving cabin where the driver can concentrate purely on the road ahead.